Migration Project

The Seattle-Perugia Sister City Association (SPSCA) is excitedly and ambitiously moving forward with our Migration Project to continue SPSCA’s mission of cultural and artistic exchange. In 2022, our goal is to send 5 Seattle artists to Perugia, Italy to exhibit their artwork alongside 5 perugini artists at the Palazzo della Penna Museum. And we need your help!

The objective for the artists from both cities is to create artwork that stimulates reflection on the concept of Migration. The Seattle artists will be selected by an international jury based on their submissions to CaFÉ, an online application and adjudication system for the arts (it is anticipated the Call for Artists will be posted in autumn 2021). The project offers artists in both cities an opportunity to create artwork that stimulates reflection on the concept of Migration, so vivid now in our lives—migration as fact or metaphor—of humans, animals, plants, ideas, feelings, energies, etc.

Photo credit Palazzo della Penna, poesia trovata - tuqui.it

The exhibit is a joint endeavor supported by the Seattle-Perugia and Perugia-Seattle Sister City Associations, The City of Perugia, and the Palazzo della Penna Museum in Perugia. If time and pandemic recovery permit, we hope to have a preview exhibition in Seattle or artist interviews to share their work with you.

Photo of Civic Museum of Palazzo della Penna by http://turismo.comune.perugia.it/

We can’t do it alone! The artists will have expenses including travel and shipping of their works to Perugia. We anticipate the cost of the project to be $20,000 USD to properly fund this cultural exchange of a lifetime including installation of their work, modest travel, meeting local artists, touring the ancient Etruscan city of Perugia, Umbria and learning about our 25-year relationship with our sister city.

With 100% support from our Board, we've surpassed our Phase Two goal - - over $10,000!- - prior to granting the awards to the artists later this year. And now we need your help, already 19% of members have donated! Please give today!

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Please reach out with any questions to [email protected]. Our sister city cultural work is more important now than ever before.