Scholarship FAQ

We offer up to four scholarships annually to study Italian at the world-famous University for Foreigners (Università per Stranieri) in Perugia, Italy. The University for Foreigners, founded in 1921, is the oldest and most prestigious institution of its kind devoted to language study by foreign students.

Here are some common questions that scholarship applicants have asked in the past.

What is included in the scholarship award?

The scholarship includes tuition for one month of study at the Università and a stipend that can be used to defray travel or living expenses while abroad. In most cases, you can choose the month that works best for you.

Who is eligible?

Eligible applicants are those who want to improve their Italian language skills, who love Italy and all things Italian, and who want to experience life in one Italy’s most beautiful and historic cities. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. You must be a member of the Sister City Association, a U.S. citizen and be willing to write a short summary of your experience for use on the association website or in Il Grifone, our e-newsletter.

How do I apply?

Fill out the application form, scan it and email it to We want to know why you are interested in applying for a scholarship, including your experience in Italian activities in Seattle and Italy, and any past Italian language study. We also want to know how you believe your scholarship experience will help strengthen the relationship between our two sister cities.

When are the applications due?

Applications are accepted from October 1 through December 31.

What is the selection process?

Applicants must email the completed application before the December 31 deadline. In early January, the scholarship committee narrows down the applicants to a short list. In-person interviews will take place in in January. The committee makes a recommendation to the full board for approval at the January board meeting. All  applicants will be notified of the final results.