Sunday, April 4, 2021

Buona Pasqua!

Happy Easter, we wish everyone a safe holiday as we celebrate the 2nd Easter during this global pandemic.

In Catholicism’s holiest week, much of Europe is still in a state of lockdown due to Covid-19. Many church ceremonies are cancelled in Italy, and currenly only two adults can visit family at a time due to social distancing guidelines.

But our friends in Perugia, Italy, are luckily largely still getting to enjoy the famous meals that are traditional to Easter feasts. This includes meat, and sweet cakes. All while enjoying the fresh new flowers coming up at the arrival of spring.

[1st photo from Letizia Mattiacci, 2nd photo Elena Rogers]

Friday, March 19, 2021

Happy St. Joseph's Day!

Buona Festa di San Giuseppe!

Our friends in Perugia today are celebrating St. Joseph's Day, as well as Festa del Papà in honor of Joseph, Mary's hushand in the bible. This Italian Fathers Day celebrates fatherhood, and of course with all of the sweets!

Our Perugia friend Maria Lucia tells us her mother always made zeppole with puff pastry, and children enjoy chocolate. The photo of the tart with a fruit heart changes according to the fruit in season/available. When it's safer to do so, next year you can expect more in-person religious masses to mark the occasion, carrying dried fava beans that have been blessed, as well as the wearing of red clothing when out celebrating.

Buona Festa!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Perugia celebrates Carnevale safely at home

Our friends in Perugia explained that this year was naturally more subdued for Carnevale in February. Usually celebrated with parties and parades including masks and music, 2021 was a quieter event at home. But not without traditional sweets such as struffoli and frappe! Take a look at some of the photos they sent of the delicious desserts and table settings our Italian members created.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lots of Activities on our Events page!

Even during these uncertain times, the Seattle-Perugia Sister City Association is working hard to provide fun Italian content and activities during lockdown. Check out our Events tab here for our up-to-date calendar of events, including fascinating interviews with our friends in Perugia, cooking demos, lectures, Tavola conversation group, and more!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Join us at Festa Italiana September 28 and 29


Join the Seattle-Perugia Sister City Association  in Fisher Pavilion at the Seattle Center. Stop by, say hi, and buy your raffle tickets for a one-week trip to Perugia. Better yet, volunteer to help at our booth.

Highlights of Festa Italiana include Chef Marco Scortino of the local cooking show Come Dine with Me WNY, and other local chefs, 16 musical acts on the Main Stage, a variety of Italian-themed exhibits-art, automobiles, dogs, photos and of course food vendors.

Check out the full schedule of events and activities here.