Monday, May 23, 2022

Perugia delegation visits Seattle

We had a wonderful visit from our Perugia Delegation earlier this month: Giorgio Moretti from Antica Deruta ceramics, Professor Valerio De Cesaris and Valentina Seri from In. Relation Office at the University for Foreigners. We thank all of the people who helped plan the visit, and who assisted in greeting our visitors to make them feel at home. We appreciate, in no particular order, grazie mille a:

Casa Italiana, Il Punto, Italian Consulate for Washington, Gonzaga University, Club Alpino Italiano, Civita Institute, Pottery Northwest, Dante Alighieri Society, Italian Scholars & Scientists of ISNAF, Percorso Italiano, the University of Washington, the Italian Club of Seattle, the Megale Family, the Joudah family, the James family, Emanuele Bizzari and Caffe Umbria, our SPSCA Board, and many others

We were able to show our guests around to many places during the visit, including the University of Washington, Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square, Casa Italiana and Piazza Perugia at Julia Lee Park, and a tour of the Amazon Spheres to name a few. We very much look forward to more visits with our big 30th anniversary coming up next year!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Successful fundraiser selling Deruta ceramics and Umbrian linens

Thank you to everyone who made this fundraiser successful on Saturday!! We thank our generous donor who provided the 100's of gorgeous Deruta ceramics and Umbrian linens. A big shout-out to Cindy Musto, former SPSCA President, and SPSCA Board member Debbie Lawson for all of the hard work planning this event. We also appreciate the dozens of volunteers who showed up to help. It was wonderful to see our members and new friends shopping the sale, we sold out of our ceramics halfway through! Grazie to Caffe Umbria for providing the delicious espress cart. All of the proceeds go toward our programming, including our artist exchange Migration Project and our educational scholarships to study abroad in Perugia, Italy. We very much look forward to seeing everyone at our next event!

Monday, February 14, 2022

Purchase your Sister City cookbook!

We're still selling our Seattle Sister Cities cookbook, get yours while supplies last at Casa Italiana in Burien!

This special cookbook has over 100 recipes from all of our 20 Seattle Sister Cities, from our very own Perugia Umbrian flatbread to Pork Cutlets and Sauerkraut from Gdynia, Poland. Proceeds to go to Casa Italiana and to Seattle-Perugia Sister City Association directly. Support our non-profit and get a fabulous cookbook!

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Buona Pasqua!

Happy Easter, we wish everyone a safe holiday as we celebrate the 2nd Easter during this global pandemic.

In Catholicism’s holiest week, much of Europe is still in a state of lockdown due to Covid-19. Many church ceremonies are cancelled in Italy, and currenly only two adults can visit family at a time due to social distancing guidelines.

But our friends in Perugia, Italy, are luckily largely still getting to enjoy the famous meals that are traditional to Easter feasts. This includes meat, and sweet cakes. All while enjoying the fresh new flowers coming up at the arrival of spring.

[1st photo from Letizia Mattiacci, 2nd photo Elena Rogers]

Friday, March 19, 2021

Happy St. Joseph's Day!

Buona Festa di San Giuseppe!

Our friends in Perugia today are celebrating St. Joseph's Day, as well as Festa del Papà in honor of Joseph, Mary's hushand in the bible. This Italian Fathers Day celebrates fatherhood, and of course with all of the sweets!

Our Perugia friend Maria Lucia tells us her mother always made zeppole with puff pastry, and children enjoy chocolate. The photo of the tart with a fruit heart changes according to the fruit in season/available. When it's safer to do so, next year you can expect more in-person religious masses to mark the occasion, carrying dried fava beans that have been blessed, as well as the wearing of red clothing when out celebrating.

Buona Festa!