Seattle Music Exchange offers concert in Perugia in April

If you're traveling to Italy this spring, you might want to plan a stop-over in Perugia on April 23. That's when Seattle pianist Angelo Rondello will present works by Seattle-based composers in an innovative musical exchange program. The concert will begin at 5:30 p.m. on April 23 at the Conservatorio Francesco Morlacchi. The program is part of Seattle Music Exchange which encourages the exchange of music and musicians from other cultures through concerts, residencies and educational programs.

Rondello has selected four sister cities in which to kick off his new project. In addition to Perugia, the other concert locations are in Pècs, Hungary; Bergen, Norway; and Kobe, Japan. The exchange series closes with a recital of music by the sister city composers in Seattle's Nordstrom Hall on May 11.

Our friends in Perugia have pulled out the red carpet for Rondello and his project. They have assisted in arranging the performance space and hosting Rondello in the city's Guest House. They will be involved in advertising, invitee list, website and Facebook posts. Grazie mille for welcoming this innovative music exchange to your city!